Get an object to fit the BOIN model using the BOIN package.

get_boin(num_doses, target, use_stopping_rule = TRUE, ...)



Number of doses under investigation.


We seek a dose with this probability of toxicity.


TRUE to use the toxicity stopping rule described in Yan et al. (2019). FALSE to suppress the authors' stopping rule, with the assumption being that you will test the necessity to stop early in some other way.


Extra args are passed to get.boundary.


an object of type selector_factory that can fit the BOIN model to outcomes.


Yan, F., Pan, H., Zhang, L., Liu, S., & Yuan, Y. (2019). BOIN: An R Package for Designing Single-Agent and Drug-Combination Dose-Finding Trials Using Bayesian Optimal Interval Designs. Journal of Statistical Software, 27(November 2017), 0–35.

Liu, S., & Yuan, Y. (2015). Bayesian optimal designs for Phase I clinical trials. J. R. Stat. Soc. C, 64, 507–523.


target <- 0.25
model1 <- get_boin(num_doses = 5, target = target)

outcomes <- '1NNN 2NTN'
model1 %>% fit(outcomes) %>% recommended_dose()
#> [1] 1